Food Service

  • McDonough County Health Department offers Foodservice Sanitation Manager Certification classes and Illinois Food Handler classes. For more information about upcoming classes, please call 309-837-9951 ext 2000.
  • All foodservice operations are licensed and inspected by the McDonough County Health Department.
  • Four step procedure to open a facility
  • Food Service Application
  • Program Fees
  • Sanitarians conduct inspections of food service and food retail facilities in McDonough County to determine compliance with the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Code. There are approximately 200 food service/retail facilities operating in McDonough County. View Inspection Results

“The Food Forum” (Environmental Health’s Food Newsletter)

Temporary Food Service

Foodservice HACCP

 Allergies  Handwashing 1 | 2
 Boil Order  Cooling TCS Foods
 Power Outage  Preventing Cross Contamination
 Fire  Sushi
 Flood  Preventing Norovirus
 Sewage Back-up  Wear Gloves 1 | 2
 Can Safety