In An Emergency

If you believe that you have been exposed to a biological or chemical agent, or if you believe an intentional biological threat will occur, or is occurring, please contact:

McDonough County Sheriff’s office, Phone: 309-833-2323


McDonough County Health Department, Phone: 309-837-9951 ext.2002

The Role of McDonough County Health Department

  • The McDonough County Health Department works cooperatively with local and state agencies to coordinate local response to a bioterrorism event. Preventing such an event is the job of law enforcement – local, state, and The FBI, and other law enforcement agencies.
  • If an incident should occur, the McDonough County Health Department, together with other local, state, and federal emergency responder agencies have plans in place to minimize the risk and to assist treating those who may become ill.
  • The Illinois Department of Public Health, working closely with the McDonough County Health Department and other local health departments, hospitals, laboratories, law enforcements, medical communities, and other state and federal agencies, has implemented an enhanced surveillance system that is constantly on guard for unusual clusters of disease. If a cluster is detected, public health is prepared to move quickly to identify the disease and its possible source. Public health information, treatment options and other advice would be provided to the public through the news media.
  • The McDonough County Health Department has a plan in place for mass immunizations and/or distribution of medications to ensure protection of persons exposed to biological agents.