Community Needs Assessment


The Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLAN) is a community health assessment and planning process that is conducted every five years by local health jurisdictions in Illinois. Based on the Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health (APEX_PH) model, IPLAN is grounded in the core functions of public health and addresses public health practice standards. The completion of IPLAN fulfills most of the requirements for Local Health Department certification under Illinois Administrative Code Section 600.400: Certified Local Health Department Code Public Health Practice Standards. The essential elements of IPLAN are:

1. An organizational capacity assessment

2. A community health needs assessment

3. And a community health plan, focusing on a minimum of three priority health problems.

According to McDonough County’s last IPLAN our priority areas include:

1. Sexual Health

2. Mental Health

3. Oral Health

4. Obesity Prevention