Product Recalls and Outbreak Investigation Information

Product Recalls

The McDonough County Health Department works to monitor important information regarding food and product recalls that may affect McDonough County residents.

Recalls can be monitored using the FDA portal for Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts at the FDA website.

When there is a recall or alert that may affect foods or products in McDonough County, Environmental Health staff follow up with their local suppliers and providers and operators to ensure that products are removed from use if directed by the recall or alert.


The McDonough County Health Department staff have been working with McDonough County retailers to ensure that the applesauce pouches that are part of the recall due to high lead levels have all been removed from store shelves.  Residents should be sure to check their cabinets and discard any of the affected products.


Outbreak Investigations

The Centers for Disease Control monitors and reports on investigations regarding communicable diseases in outbreak status.  The most up-to-date list of investigations and their status can be found by visiting the CDC.