COVID-19 (Coronavirus)



COVID-19 Tool kit

Visit for comprehensive information about where you can get the most up to date information on obtaining test kits, masks and treatment for COVID-19.

If you have tested positive and need information on isolation or have been notified that you were exposed to someone who tested positive, you can get the most up to date guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about the length of your isolation and testing recommendations here:



Rapid Home Test Kits


COVID-19 Home test kits are available for pick up at our office Monday-Thursday during our regular operating hours.  There is no cost for the test kits.

Home test kits are also, once again, available to order for home delivery.  Visit and order up to 4 kits for your household.


There have been many changes to the shelf life of COVID-19 test kits.  It is very likely that the expiration date printed on your test kit may have been extended.  Check the most recent FDA extension information here:





The updated COVID-19 vaccine is available at our office by appointment, please call  309-837-9951.