COVID 19 School guidance and metrics

McDonough County Metrics for Determination of Community Spread

(this infographic is updated once weekly on Mondays)


 Week 10/25/20 through 10/31/20-compiled by IDPH 11/6/2020

These metrics are used in determining the extent of COVID-19 community transmission when working with local school districts on providing a safe educational experience.

They are updated by IDPH weekly, based on the previous week (Sunday through Saturday)


The McDonough County Health Department works collaboratively with school administration and nurses to play an important role in slowing the spread of disease, protecting vulnerable students and staff, and helping to ensure that students have safe and healthy learning environments.  School preparations have built on previous guidance released by IDPH and ISBE, to include normal everyday practices (e.g., encouraging hand hygiene, monitoring absenteeism, communicating routinely with parents and staff, sanitization) and to include strategies for before, during, and after a possible outbreak. Decisions about implementing school-based strategies (e.g., pivot to remote learning, event or extracurricular cancellations, other social distancing measures) will be made locally, taking into consideration the level of transmission in the community, and in conformity with ISBE/IDPH Joint Guidance. Implemented strategies should aim to balance educational needs and the reduction of COVID-19 transmission.  The McDonough County Health Department works daily with local school districts to monitor student absences and in the event of positive cases, to complete quick and thorough contact tracing investigations.


A complete look at the county metrics used, including hospitalization admissions, emergency department visits for CLI (COVID like illness),

ICU bed availability, school guidance and metrics methodology are available and maintained by IDPH.